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Do you vote?

Do you vote in elections?

yes, always
some years
No votes
no, not anymore
I'm too young
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Total votes : 4
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Post Tue Sep 13, 2011 2:58 am

Do you vote?

Today (well, yesterday now) was local election here. It was hypothesised that the number of people who would vote might be higher this year due to the terror attack, and politicians saying that a good way to counter the terrorist would be to vote. It looks like about 63% voted, which is about the normal number.
As usual I didn’t vote. We have several parties here, from commie to extreme right, liberal, conservative, Christian, green. But among all these parties I have no favourites. A lot of them have a couple of good ideas, but not enough for me to able to vote for them, as there is too much I cannot support. I will not go into any details about it but suffice to say that as long as we have the party system, I see no reason to vote. If they took referendum about issues, it would make more sense to me to vote. As it is, I’d support too many issues that I’m against if I were to vote. I don’t see why agreeing on a few things with a party implies I should buy the entire package. I don’t. I’m not even in agreement on most issues. Goes for all of them.
I did vote the first 4 times after I turned 18, but the last 5 elections I haven’t voted.

Add to that that the politicians are shallow and short sighted. All they care about is being elected. It doesn’t matter who they are or who gets elected, they can want to do something as much as they like, but 4 years later the composition of the parliament/ Storting will be different and whatever they did/started will likely be changed or stopped. Then a (slightly or mostly) new group will do the same etc etc.
It’s all so pointless and short sighted!!

What we need are long term views, long term plans. All the biggest issues need be addressed. The biggest of all being over population, something politicians and the UN is too afraid to even acknowledge. Another big issue is resources. Most of them are limited on this planet. There is only so much silicon, platinum, titanium etc. Recycling glass, paper, metal. I think it’s scary that people are so into the monetary system, which is just another set of beliefs. Money only has value as long as you accept the system/ as long as the system isn’t toppled. Unlike the issue about real resources (metal, oil etc, not to mention the all too real and all too dreadful reality of declining species, the fate of irreplaceable niches, what it might do to the eco systems, to say nothing of their given right to exist in the first place), which is real.

Okay, rant over.

So anyway, the only way I would vote now was if it was a referendum about some issue (like they had when the issue of membership in the European Union came up in 2004).

So, do you guys vote? Whether you do or not, what is your reason for doing it/not doing it? Do you find it easy to pick a party (considering you have to be in general agreement to be able to support them)?
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Post Tue Sep 13, 2011 6:04 am

Re: Do you vote?

i feel good about saying i've never voted. no one who has ever run for an office i could have voted for has, in any way, shared my views, on anything. there was one candidate, for governor, i wanted to vote for but the election was in texas, far from where i live. so, no vote.

there is one reason, i should admit, why i cannot vote. the fact, yes, fact, that it is impossible for anyone who questions/denies the existence of a god to win an important political office just kills it for me. look at the crap obama took from the bible belt. "why, he's a muslim, i hear" like he's a baby raper. stupid, i think. this year's gop contenders all vie to see who can be the best/craziest christian. nothing wrong with being religious, if it works for you....great. just don't condemn me if i do not believe. every politician condemns me for being agnostic, to them i'm less than they are because 'they believe'. frack them.

oh yeah, the old.....vote for the lesser of two evils....spiel, well, bulls..t, they're all equally evil. when have you seen a political office holder maintain honor and principle once they're in office. anybody?

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